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Enlargement Commissioner says EU statement reasonable
2005-09-21 15:55:30

by Nicos Bellos

Brussels, Sep 21 (CNA) -- EU Commissioner for Enlargement Olli Rehn has said the EU counterstatement to the Turkish declaration of not recognising the Republic of Cyprus was reasonable and balanced.

In a written statement, Rehn said ''this is a reasonable and balanced outcome,'' noting that ''the agreement between the member states paves the way for a smooth adoption of the negotiating framework and thus the opening of the accession negotiations with Turkey on 3 October.''

''On 29 June, the Commission proposed a rigorous negotiating framework to the member states, in line with the European Council of December 2004. This proposal takes due account of all concerns and provides for a solid basis for rigorous and fair negotiations with Turkey. I look forward to its rapid adoption by the member states,'' Rehn added.

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