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Cyprus & Greece financially contribute to CMP
2005-09-26 16:08:53

Nicosia, Sep 26 (CNA) – The governments of Cyprus and Greece are responding to an appeal by the Committee for Missing Persons (CMP) and will financially contribute to efforts to ascertain the fate of the missing of Cyprus.

According to an official statement, the Cypriot government has decided to give 60 thousand pounds (around 120 thousand US dollars) as a contribution to financing the exhumation and identification of the remains of the missing and the establishment and operation of a scientific anthropological laboratory.

The Greek government has also pledged to give 86 thousand Euro at a first stage to help efforts to ascertain the fate of the missing.

The laboratory will be set up at Nicosia International Airport area where the remains recently exhumed, as well as remains that will be exhumed in the future from both the occupied areas and the government controlled areas, will be transferred for identification.

The Cypriot government has informed the UN both in Cyprus and in New York over its intention to financially contribute to set up the lab.

Furthermore, the Cypriot government expressed the wish for a decisive response for cooperation and taking of the necessary political and humanitarian measures that will allow substantial progress to be achieved in fully investigating and ascertaining the fate of the missing, thus putting an end to the daily drama of the relatives of the missing.

The Greek Foreign Ministry said that in response to the CMP’s appeal, the Greek government has decided to grant, at a first stage, the amount of 86.000 Euro.

“The immediate response of the government to the need to reinforce the Committee’s work for the missing, was underlined in our country’s willingness to practically support the humanitarian work”, the Greek Foreign Ministry added.

It further said that it is clear that this effort must have the support of all involved parties.

“It is also necessary that the investigations that are taking place in the Committee’s framework, be accompanied by the necessary actions and measures of the Turkish government that must be taken to make Turkey respond to the decision of European Court of Human Rights on the 4th Interstate Appeal of the Republic of Cyprus against Turkey”, the ministry concluded.

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