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Cyprus Finance Minister attends World Bank and IMF meetings
2005-09-28 12:03:24

Nicosia, Sept 27 (CNA) – Finance Minister Michalis Sarris said Cyprus, aiming towards its continued economic and social development, is proceeding with its commitments to the EU with special emphasis in its macroeconomic stability, the purification of its public finances and to promote the necessary structural changes.

Sarris made the statement during the deliberations of the annual meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Washington.

A official statement said Sarris said the government continues efforts for a viable solution to the Cyprus problem so that all Cypriots will enjoy the benefits of accession to the EU.

The minister participated in the meetings in his capacity as governor of the World Bank for Cyprus and heading a Cypriot delegation made up of representatives of the Cyprus Central Bank, the Bank of Cyprus and ministry of finance officials.

Regarding efforts of the international community to combat poverty in less developed countries, Sarris expressed Cyprus’ satisfaction for the catalytic role of the World Bank and the IMF in achieving the Millenieum Development Goals.

In his intervention, Sarris said Cyprus is also a fervent supporter of the international campaign against money laundering and international terrorism and supports the international community’s efforts to combat these problems.

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