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Interpol proposes Cyprus-Turkey meeting to solve differences
2005-09-29 11:24:38

Nicosia, Sep 29 - Interpol's President Jackie Selebi has suggested a tripartite meeting between Cyprus, Turkey and Interpol to discuss the problems arising from Ankara's refusal to cooperate with Nicosia, a proposal that has already been accepted by the Cypriot Police.

According to a Police bulletin released today, the Chief of Police, accompanied by the officer in charge of his office, participated between September 19 and 22 in the Interpol 74th General Assembly in Berlin, attended by delegates from 154 countries, as well as representatives of other organisations.

The refusal of the Ankara Interpol National Bureau to cooperate with the respective office in Nicosia was brought up once again by the Cyprus Police with a letter of protest to the President and General Secretary of Interpol, the Director of Europol, as well as all the Interpol member states.

At the initiative of the Interpol General Secretariat, separate meetings of the Cypriot and Turkish delegations were held with Mr. Selebi, who accepted the Cypriot positions in full and suggested that a tripartite meeting be held in Lyon, in order to resolve the issue. The proposal was unreservedly accepted by the Cypriot delegation.

Mr. Selebi briefed the Cypriot Chief of Police that the Turkish delegation did not oppose the idea but said it would await the invitation, which the Interpol President will be sending soon.

In the sidelines of the General Assembly, the Cypriot delegation met with a number of delegations from other countries.

The General Assembly voted to accept the candidacies of Bhutan and Turkmenistan as the 183rd and 184th member of Interpol respectively.

Furthermore, the term of Mr. Ronald Nobble as General Secretary was renewed for a further five years.

Interpol also adopted a number of resolutions, referring to the creation of a Database of Missing and Unidentified Dead Persons and the establishment of a Permanent Fund to facilitate Interpol's missions to countries plagued by crises, serious incidents and emergencies.

The 75th General Assembly will be held in 2006 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was also decided that the 2007 General Assembly be held in Morocco.

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