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Greek Minister in Cyprus for independence anniversary celebrations
2005-09-30 13:11:10

Larnaca, Sep 30 (CNA) -- Greek Minister of Defence Spilios Spiliotopoulos has said that excellent cooperation between Greece and Cyprus was proved again in the case of the beginning of Turkey's EU accession negotiations, noting that the goals of both governments have been fully satisfied.

Speaking upon his arrival in Cyprus to represent Athens at the annual military parade for the 45th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Cyprus, Spiliotopoulos reiterated that there is ''an excellent cooperation between the two Ministries of Defence and the two governments'' and noted that the goal of the military parade on Saturday is ''to show that the defence and the security of Cyprus is a non-negotiable issue.''

He said ''this cooperation bore fruit even in the last case of the beginning of Turkey's accession negotiations with the EU and the goals of the governments of Cyprus and Greece were fully satisfied'' as both the EU counterstatement and the negotiating framework ''reflect the satisfaction of our positions.''

''This is more proof of the excellent cooperation and the coordinated efforts and above all the strong bonds between Greece and Cyprus,'' he added.

Spiliotopoulos expressed his pleasure for being in Cyprus representing the Greek government at celebrations for the anniversary of Cyprus' independence.

Welcoming the Greek Minister, Cypriot Minister of Defence Kyriakos Mavronicolas noted the excellent cooperation between the two ministries and the national guards of the two countries.

He thanked Spiliotopoulos ''for all the help you offer to us on a daily basis'' and assured that ''we manage to cope with the big task we have been assigned by the Republic of Cyprus and Cypriot Hellenism as regards the defence'' of the country.

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