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EP President praises Cyprus' stance at EU -Turkey road map agreement
2005-10-04 11:30:49

Nicosia, Oct 4 (CNA) -- European Parliament President Josep Borell praised here Tuesday Cyprus' positive stance during EU consultations on Turkey's negotiating framework, which led to the commencement of Turkish - EU negotiations.

Speaking after a meeting with Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos, Borell also said that Turkey will have to fulfill the political and economic criteria set out by the EU.

''I thanked the President of the Republic for the attitude of the Republic of Cyprus about the starting of negotiations with Turkey'', Borell told the press after the meeting, adding that ''I think Cyprus had a very very positive contribution.''

The EP President pointed out that it would have been a disaster if yesterday the Foreign Ministers of the European countries had not been able to reach an agreement in order to start negotiations.

''It would have been very very bad for European credibility,'' he added, noting that ''we think it's a good thing to start the negotiations and Cyprus has made very important contribution to that.''

As regards his expectations from Turkey, Borell said that Turkey, as every candidate state, will have to establish a plan in order to fulfill all the political and economic criteria required by the EU. ''Not more nor less than that,'' he added.

Replying to a question whether Turkey would abide by its obligations as set out in the negotiating framework, Borell said ''Why not when you start negotiations with someone is on the basis of mutual trust.''

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