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Health services ready to handle bird flu incidents
2005-10-10 14:57:42

Nicosia, Oct 10 -- The Ministry of Health has prepared an action plan in case of a bird flu incident on the island, Minister of Health Andreas Gavrielides said on Monday.

Responding to questions after the opening ceremony of a Ministerial Meeting on the Environment and Public Health, Gavrielides said the Veterinary Services and the Ministry of Health have issued instructions as regards the preventive measures that have been taken.

He also said that the Ministry’s Action Plan has already been sent to the European Union, noting and that the Cypriot EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection Markos Kyprianou has already confirmed that Cyprus is taking all necessary measures.

In November an exercise will take place in all EU member states as regards the readiness of the relevant services involved, in case of an emergency.

Asked if control will be increased at the check points dividing the free areas from the Turkish occupied north of the island, he said that instructions have been given so that no meat from the occupied north will pass to the government controlled areas of the island.

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