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BDH and Social Democrats Movement discuss T/C proposal
2005-10-11 12:36:11

Nicosia, Oct 11 (CNA) – A proposal by the Turkish Cypriot Peace and Democracy Movement (BDH) on the institutions of the Republic of Cyprus, as provided by the 1960 Constitution was discussed today between the BDH and Greek Cypriot Social Democrat Movement EDEK.

BDH leader Mustafa Akinci submitted the ten-point proposal to EDEK leader Yiannakis Omirou during their meeting in the government controlled areas of the Republic.

Omirou described the proposal as “interesting” which his movement will discuss, adding that the goal must not be to return to constitutional normality while illegality, which emerged after the Turkish invasion of 1974, continues.

Elaborating on the proposal, Akinci said that it aims to put forward the idea that both Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, should not wait for others to solve their problem, adding that after the 3rd of October, there are new parameters that have to be taken into consideration.

''We firmly believe that after 3rd of October 2005 there have been new parameters and we have to work in accordance with these new parameters and we have to start a normalizing process within Cyprus,'' he added.

The proposal of the Turkish Cypriot movement provides that conditions should be created for the Turkish Cypriot leader to assume the responsibilities and authorities of the Vice-Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus, for Turkish Cypriots to assume the responsibilities and authorities of ministers in the Council of Ministers as envisaged in the constitution of 1960 and for Turkish Cypriots to take their seats in the House of Representatives as envisaged in the constitution.

The proposal said that when Turkish Cypriots assume their duties in the House of Representatives, a joint ad-hoc Constitution Committee should be formed with equal representation of the two communities. The committee with the help and support of NGOs from both communities should work and prepare a Federal State Draft Constitution.

The Movement also proposed that the airports and ports on the island should open for operation under a joint administration composed of members of both communities and under the supervision of the EU for the free trade of all related parties.

It also noted that Turkey should start normalizing its relations with the Republic of Cyprus and open its ports to the Republic's airplanes and vessels.

Furthermore it said that a specific number of Turkish troops should leave the island ''keeping in mind not to create security concerns'' and that ''Varosha, under the supervision of United Nations and/or European Union should be handed over to its former inhabitants.''

The Movement proposed that ''under the supervision of the Council of Europe, a census should be held on both sides of Cyprus'' and that the EU Finance Regulation which amounts to 259 million Euro for the Turkish Cypriots should be implemented.

Omirou said that the restoration of the constitutional order, as established in 1960, is an act of complying with international and domestic laws, as provided in the constitution.

However he underlined that because of the Turkish occupation of the island and organs functioning illegally in the occupied north, ''we do not want, through this proposal, to create the potential of maintaining anomaly and division.''

Akinci said ''we should not wait and see that there will be a normalization process between Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus as such”, noting that “we should start a normalizing process within the Republic of Cyprus and the way to do that is to accept the principle that the organs should be restored. This is the principle. The practicalities, how we can do it, when we can do it, with what measures we can do it should be of course examined and should be discussed”.

Akinci also said that ''this is not in itself a comprehensive settlement proposal. The comprehensive settlement will come about through negotiations which we want to commence as soon as possible with the aim of a bicommunal, bizonal federation.''

Replying to a question he said today all Turkish Cypriot political parties will receive his proposal in writing.

''We will send it to all the NGOs, trade unions and other commerce and industry chambers and to all political parties,'' the T/C politician added.

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