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Cyprus President opens 4th European Sports Medicine Congress
2005-10-14 10:44:13

Nicosia, Oct 13 (CNA) -- Every state has the duty to provide to the people all those facilities and scientific expertise for safe and creative athletic exercise, Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos has said, in an address at the opening ceremony of the 4th European Sports Medicine Congress that takes place in the southern coastal town of Limassol, with the participation of 300 delegates from 40 countries.

''Such top scientific events with so many participants, physicians and scientists gathered here in Cyprus, people whose work accounts for the direction of sports medicine worldwide, set new and ambitious, but at the same time, attainable goals'', the President said on Thursday night.

Referring to doping and the use of suspicious “dietary supplements”, he said that ''such use undermines not only the high moral ideal of fair competition amongst athletes, but also threatens the health of athletes''.

''The only shield, hope and defence, against this threat, is sports medicine and the scientists who devote their scientific knowledge and efforts in combating such practices'', the President said.

He underlined the importance of such conferences, saying that ''through exchange of experiences and scientific research, detection and prevention will be one step ahead of the inventors and users of doping substances and of dietary supplements by athletes and their trainers”.

''This is an ambitious goal, but at the same time an attainable goal. The preliminary round table discussions held, but also this Conference, may achieve a small but important step in this direction; and then, it will be rightly said that this Conference had made an important contribution, even a small step in this continuous fight against such evil practices'', he noted.

President Papadopoulos added that the government, recognizing the importance and acknowledging the responsibility and duty of a modern state to upgrade and modernize sports, has set the promotion of sports as one of the main linchpins of government policy.

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