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Greek Deputy FM underlines importance of foreign policy
2005-10-14 14:37:00

Nicosia, Oct 14 (CNA) -- Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Evripides Stylianides has said on Friday that when the people of countries are friends, and alliances are formed between the governments, it is easier to promote national interests.

Speaking at a press conference, Stylianides who is visiting Cyprus said that foreign policy is based on three pillars, political diplomacy, economic diplomacy and international development cooperation.

Foreign Ministry Permanent Secretary Sotos Zackheos said that international development cooperation is a new field for Cyprus, and it learn as much as possible from Greece's experience.

He said that Cyprus will have its own programmes and will cooperate with other countries.

He expressed the belief that Cyprus will move along with Greece towards certain countries, with common project funding.

Planning Bureau Permanent Secretary Andreas Moleskis thanked Stylianides and his aides for attending a seminar today at the Planning Bureau on development aid.

Stylianides said that the state and the civil society act together with developing countries, trying to fulfill the goals of the millennium, which is combating global poverty, undernourishment, illiteracy, AIDS, inequality, the protection of human and minority rights and the creation of conditions for sustainable development.

He said that the European commitment for the old member states like Greece is that until 2010 they must give 0.51% of their gross national income to developing countries to fulfill the millennium goals. For the new member states, he said, the commitment is that by 2010 they will give 0,17% of their gross national income.

He said that this year Greece has contributed to every place of the world where disasters have occurred.

He reminded the Greek aid to Asia following the tsunami in December 2004, the Greek contribution to in efforts to reconstruct the school in Beslan, Russia and recently the aid offered by Greece for the people of New Orleans and Pakistan.

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