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Cyprus deplores Chechen attacks in Nalchik
2005-10-18 12:31:44

Nicosia, Oct 18 (CNA) - The Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed the deprecation of the government and the people of Cyprus over the new attack Chechen terrorists carried out on October 12 in Nalchik, capital of the Russian autonomous Republic of Kabardino-Balkariya, noting that the offensive ''has raised the strong concerns of the Cypriot government.''

In a press release, the Ministry ''expresses the deprecation of the Cypriot government and society at large over this heinous action of the Chechen terrorists and it deplores it, considering it to be an atrocious crime which on the one hand cost the lives of innocent people and on the other hand assails the efforts of the Russian government in the area of Northern Caucasus.''

It points out that ''the action of the Chechen terrorists is structurally and ideologically connected with the criminal action of international terrorism, the actions of which aim at civilised humanity as a whole.''

The Ministry also expresses the ''unreserved support of the government and the people of Cyprus to the just efforts made by the government of the Russian Federation to maintain the territorial integrity of the country'' and reaffirms the readiness of the Republic of Cyprus to fall in line with the international community in the struggle against terrorism.

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