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Greek President says Turkey must respect EU rules
2005-10-19 14:50:41

Nicosia, Oct 19 (CNA) - President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias sent a clear message to Turkey today that it must respect the rules of the European family.

Papoulias said, ''I am here to convey the message of the metropolis, Greece, that we are struggling, Greece and Cyprus, to achieve the aims we set and the aims are simple, they are aims included in the principles of the democratic European family, it is a single Cyprus without occupation troops, under the protective umbrella of which the two communities will live and create once again in a free Cyprus that will set an example for Europe and the world.''

''This is the message to a neighbouring candidate country that wishes to join the European family. I have said this many times, I will not cease to repeat it, Turkey must respect the rules of this family,'' Papoulias pointed out, speaking in the context of a visit to Limassol.

Commenting on the violation of Cyprus' air space by Turkish fighter jets, Papoulias said Turkey ''is not contributing to anything with its behaviour.''

Papoulias also visited the village of Dherynia today, from where he viewed the fenced-off town of Famagusta from the village's Cultural Centre observation point.

He expressed his ''repugnance to see occupation and barbed wire in a European country, such as the Republic of Cyprus,'' and noted that he hoped the common struggles of Greece and Cyprus would bring their visions and aims to fruition.

The Greek President said these aims were ''very simple, very humane, liberation, life without occupation troops, in a European democracy such as Cyprus with development, which the inhabitants of the area and we in Greece and the Cypriot people wish for.''

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