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Spokesman: Government policy led to T/Cs financial upgrading
2005-10-19 15:00:28

Nicosia, Oct 19 (CNA) -- It is not the Turkish policy which led to the financial upgrading of Turkish Cypriots but mainly the policy of the Cypriot government, Cyprus Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said invited to comment a statement by Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul.

Gul told a Turkish daily that during the three years of AKP governance in Turkey there have been important benefits for the Turkish Cypriots, their income has increased and Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat met with almost all leaders of the world, and wondered if a single Turkish soldier was withdrawn from Cyprus or a piece of land was handed over as these developments took place.

''I think Gul's position as regards the continuation of illegality and the presence of troops in Cyprus is an insult to the intelligence of every politician or citizen of the world who is thinking in a rational way,'' he noted.

He said ''it is not the policy of Turkey which led to the upgrading of Turkish Cypriots economy. On the contrary is mainly the policy of the Cyprus government which led to this upgrading.''

The spokesman said ''the insistence of Mr. Gul to the continuation of illegality is not accepted. It is clearly unacceptable.''

He added that these views are the views of the Turkish government and not of the EU, to which Turkey wants to become a member.

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