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EPP favors solution based on UN resolutions and EU values
2005-10-19 15:04:34

Nicosia, Oct 19 (CNA) -- There must be a new initiative on the Cyprus problem, said tonight President of the European People's Party (EPP) Wilfried Martens wraping up his meetings in Cyprus.

Martens, on the island at the invitation of opposition Democratic Rally Party (DISY), after a meeting with the ambassadors of the country-members of EU, stated to CNA, that he is now more optimistic than before about the settlement of the Cyprus problem.

''I think you need an incentive, the leaders of this country and of the political parties have to have the political will. It is not only the international community which can realise an agreement'', he said.

The European Union has to become more active and positive in the efforts to reach a solution to the Cyprus problem, on the basis of the UN resolutions and the European values, Martens stressed.

He said that the UN should undertake a new initiative for Cyprus, adding that the UN envisaged plan for a Cyprus settlement, should be influenced by the European values.

He also expressed the readiness of the EPP to ''influence our heads of government and the Commission and other instances of the EU, to be active and positive. The EU can not be neutral, for me it is an essential concern of the EU to promote and be positive in trying to find a solution''.

EPP President, who was also received today by Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos, emphasized once again, that Turkey has to abide by its obligations arising from the Customs Union Protocol and implement it for Cyprus as well.

DISY President Nicos Anastasiades, said that his party has received the reassurances of EPP that in the event of a new round of talks for the Cyprus issue, the EPP would contribute to the success of this dialogue.

''We want to share with Mr Martens, the worries and expectations of the Greek Cypriots, to exchange views how to make use of the European course of Turkey, to end the anachronistic division line and the occupation army'', Anastasiades noted.

EPP President said that the solution of the Cyprus problem should be based on the UN resolutions for Cyprus, but also on the EU values, which are a ''very important element''.

''It is urgent to find a solution. Not to accept the period of stagnation, that worsens the situation and the gap. We are committed as EPP to engage negotiations and initiatives for a solution'', he stressed, adding that the UN has to take an initiative.

Regarding the Annan plan, he noted that ''if in a referendum, a plan is rejected, then you have to reflect on it and respect the will of people.

''The Annan plan needs the influence of EU values'', he underlined.

Asked to comment on Turkish statements that Turkey would implement the Customs Union Protocol when the so called embargo in the occupied Cyprus is lifted, he reiterated that ''Turkey signed the Protocol, which has an international value and significance and thus, it has to ratify and implement it''.

''When you sign you have to engage yourself to ask the ratification of your parliament and implement it. I will always defend this. I have very good relations with Turkish Premier Erdogan but I have no difficulty to tell him the same position'', he stressed.

Martens praised DISY's role in the actions of EPP saying that DISY ''plays an important role in the EPP, it has a real influence in the decision making and actions of EPP, its leadership is engaged and committed''.

He also congratulated DISY for its initiative to organize an observartory, which would become an EPP observatory for the whole region.

Asked about the US interventions regarding the EU decision to open accession negotiations with TUrkey, Martens said that the Council has to decide in an autonomous way about its own issues, adding though that there is nothing wrong with good transatlantic relations.

''I donít know what to think about the intervention of US, if there was any, in the decision about Turkey. The US favors the admission of Turkey to EU. For them I guess being member of the NATO is the same as being member of EU. We have to have the courage to take ourselves our decisions'', Martens said.

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