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Greek and Turkish Cypriots play music for UN 60th anniversary
2005-10-25 11:54:39

Nicosia, Oct 25 (CNA) - Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot musicians and children, either side of the divided capital, scrambled onto rooftops and balconies yesterday and played music all day long to mark the 60th anniversary since the United Nations Organisation was established.

Under the title ''Long Distance Call'', the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots played various musical instruments in turn, so that either side could listen to the other's pieces.

Later on, the musicians and people who gathered to listen to the music walked to the Ledra Palace hotel in the buffer zone, where the UN Secretary General's Special Representative in Cyprus Zbigniew Wlosowicz reminded Kofi Annan's statement that the UN was very different now than 60 years ago, adding that the UN should follow the new age and take the challenge.

This means that there is a lot of work ahead to meet these challenges, not only for the UN and the Secretary General, but also for the international citizens, old and young, Wlosowicz added.

He also expressed hope that a new crossing point would be opened down Ermou street, where the musicians played, in order to facilitate movement across the ceasefire line.

UNFICYP, the UN peace-keeping force in Cyprus, has been on the island since March 1964. Today it numbers just over 1,000 men and women from various troop contributing countries.

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