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Cyprus recorded the largest population increase in the EU
2005-10-26 11:38:33

by Nicos Bellos

Nicosia, Oct 26 (CNA)-- Cyprus has recorded the largest total population increase rate in the European Union in 2004, with 25.4%, reaching 749.200, according to Eurostat's European demography figures.

Cyprus' population rose by 18.800. Last year recorded a total of 8.300 live births (3.1%), whereas net migration recorded 15.700 and deaths reached 5.200. The total increase (births+migration-deaths) was 18.800 or 25.4 per cent. In terms of natural increase, Cyprus and France with 4.2% ranked second behind Ireland, which recorded the highest rate with 8.6%.

According to Eurostat, Cyprus also recorded the highest net migration rate with 21.3% or 15.700 people.

Greece and Germany were the only states of ''old Europe'' recording natural decrease of their population.

Europe's population on January 2005 was estimated at 459,5 million compared with 457,2, recording an increase by 2,3 million, mainly due to net migration of 1.9 million, while natural increase was only 0.9%.

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