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Papadopoulos stresses need to handle globalisation challenges
2005-10-28 11:22:34

by Emilia Christofi

London, Oct 28 (CNA) -- Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos has stressed the need for effective handling of the challenges of globalisation, through the necessary reforms, on a national and European level.

In an intervention during yesterday's informal EU heads of state or government meeting, in Hampton Court Palace, President Papadopoulos also underlined that there is no ideal economic or social model and EU partners are obliged to respect the particularities of the model which every member state follows.

Furthermore, the Cypriot President pointed out the need for reform of EU member states, noting that the responsibility in specific sectors such as social welfare and employment market should remain within the member state's authority.

He referred to the priorities which the EU should have in the coming years, including the completion of European domestic market and liberalisation of services on a new basis.

Papadopoulos noted the need for a discussion on the EU budget with special emphasis on research and training.

Making special reference to the issue of the policy of social cohesion, President Papadopoulos stressed that its main aim should be to help develop poorer regions and countries of the EU to make easier economic convergence.

The EU, he continued, must address the concerns of its citizens, making them feel safer in the new globalised environment and giving them a more active role in the Union's reform and modernisation.

President Papadopoulos returns to Cyprus on Friday afternoon.

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