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Human error main cause of crash of military aircraft
2005-10-31 16:13:08

Nicosia, Oct 29 (CNA) – The crash of a National Guard PC-9 aircraft last month was primarily due to human error, an investigative committee into the cause of the crash has concluded.

Defence Minister Kyriakos Mavronikolas has described the report as “a tragic end to an accident which has affected the National Guard and others.”

“What we are seeking to do in the future is not to have a repetition of such accidents,” he said, but refrained from further comment on the conclusions of the committee.

He noted however that the Air Force will look into the matter and decide accordingly.

The report excluded the possibility of “mechanical failure and concluded that human factor contributed decisively to the cause of the accident.”

“The decision of the crew, at their own initiative, to divert from the planned flight path, to pass by Kolossi village at a low height to mark their presence” is a cause of the crash, in addition to the “delayed reaction of the crew to the sudden loss of height.”

Two airmen were killed on 10 September when their PC-9 crashed in Kolossi village, west of the southern coastal town of Limassol.

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