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Cyprus to hold a seminar on economic development and social cohesion
2005-10-31 16:41:15

Nicosia, Oct 31 (CNA) -- The Cypriot Planning Bureau and the Embassies of Denmark, Finland and Sweden in Cyprus will hold next Friday, November 4, a seminar titled ''Economic Development and Social Cohesion - The Nordic Experience,'' aiming at exploring ways to incorporate experiences from the Scandinavian countries on developing the economy and social welfare.

''Cyprus seeks and desires to learn and exploit valuable experiences from these three countries and, given its own capabilities, to apply principles, methods and programmes which on the one hand will favour faster and more efficient economic growth and on the other will not ignore social cohesion,'' the Bureau's Director Andreas Moleskis told a press conference, which he held with the Ambassadors of Sweden, Finland and Denmark, Ingemar Lindhal, Risto Piiponen and Svent Waever respectively.

During the one-day seminar, senior officials from the three Nordic countries will present their own experiences as regards economic development and social cohesion.

According to Moleskis, the findings of the seminar will be seriously scrutinised in view of the preparation of Cyprus' new Strategic Development Plan for 2007-2013.

'' The main strategic goal of Cyprus' development policy is the consolidation of Cyprus' role as a bridge of economic cooperation between the EU and the Middle East and North African countries and as an international and regional services centre,'' Moleskis added.

Lindhal noted that Cyprus and Sweden, the former in the southern part of Europe and the latter on the northern edge, have a lot in common. He noted that all EU countries share one European economic model, the one that envisages competitiveness with a social dimension.

Piiponen expressed hope that during the seminar there will be new ideas ''in the field of developing our economy.''

''What we definitely need is to share this experience and to share this knowledge that will help us all to cope with the developing world,'' he added.

Waever pointed out that there are quite a few similarities but also some differences between the approaches to economic policies of Denmark and Cyprus, adding that participation in the seminar ''will be worthwhile.''

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