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Turkish occupation forces violate status quo in Louroujina
2005-10-31 16:46:36

Nicosia, Oct 31 (CNA) - Cypriot Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides confirmed today a press report that Turkish occupation troops in Cyprus have violated the status quo at the ceasefire line, in Louroujina area, to the southeast of Nicosia, and built an observation post there.

Chrysostomides said the Cypriot government has made all necessary representations and protests to the UN Secretary General in writing, and that President Tassos Papadopoulos also referred to this issue during his latest meeting with the UN Secretary General in New York.

The Spokesman said that until now the representations had no result and that the issue still remains open for the Cypriot government.

Chrysostomides said that the whole process on the part of the occupation forces to build an observation post started a couple of months ago.

He noted that the Turkish occupation forces in many cases pursue to violate the ceasefire line and that the UN peacekeeping force has the responsibility to maintain the status quo.

''The stance of the occupation is characteristic. Lack of every respect to the agreements made,'' he noted.

He also noted the fact that occupation force soldiers threatened the UNFICYP commander with their weapons.

''Protests and complaints on our part continue and the issue is not considered to be closed,'' he said.

To a remark that this case is described as ''new Strovilia'' and asked about the reasons of the violation in Louroujina, Chrysostomides said that the reasons may be the same as in the case of Strovilia.

He expressed certainty that this incident in Louroujina will be noted from so on in the UN Secretary General's reports as in the Strovilia case.

In 2000 the Turkish occupation forces illegally put up a check point in Strovilia as part of measures against UNFICYP in retaliation to the non-inclusion of an addendum in the UN Secretary General's report for the renewal of the Force's mandate with a Turkish demand for separate discussions with UNFICYP.

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