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First Europe Direct Information Centre opens
2005-11-02 16:37:08

Larnaca, Nov 2 (CNA) – The first of four new centres of the Europe Direct Information Network which will operate in Cyprus, was inaugurated in Larnaca today by Head of the European Commission representation Themis Themistocleous.

These centres will operate in Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos, and aim to assist citizens of EU member – states to have easier access to EU institutions.

In his address, Themistocleous said that these centres «are only a part of an initiative, aiming to bring the EU closer to the European citizen, closer to the Cypriot citizen”.

He urged the public to make use of these centres not only to get information but also to express their own opinions, suggestions and complaints as regards EU functions.

The Cypriot citizens can communicate with the EU through the internet and e-mail as well as telephone at 00 800 6789 1011. The call is free and Cypriots can speak in Greek, if they wish to.

Public and Information Office Director (PIO) Yiannakis Solomou in his address said Europe Direct will offer a real service to Cypriots, who “thanks to these centres they will be able to make use of information, leaflets, directives on a series of issues of their interest».

He noted that the Commission has given the PIO the role of an “intermediary body” which will have the responsibility of choosing the right bureau for setting up the centres and monitoring their operation.

He noted that the choice of Larnaca Chamber of Commerce was a very successful one taking into consideration its experience in providing information.

In his address vice - president of the chamber Loucas Neokleous said that with the completion of one year since Cyprus has joined the EU, Cypriots “feel the need to be informed on their rights and also obligations deriving from this important accession”.

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