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France could help Cyprus develop various sectors, says Papadopoulos
2005-11-04 15:14:52

by Gregoris Savva

Paris, Nov 4 (CNA) - Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos said here Friday that France could assist Cyprus in its effort to develop further the fields of telecomunications, information technology, research and high technology industries.

Papapopoulos, in Paris on a three-day official visit, had a working breakfast with the French Association of Employers and Industrialists.

Francois Perigot, the Association's global department Honorary President said that the people who were present at the working breakfast were very interested in listening to Cypriot decision-makers, noting that this is very significant.

Papadopoulos said that Cyprus has quite an ''impressive list of French companies operating on the island,'' noting that ''there are margins for further cooperation in the fields of commerce, services and financial services.''

Replying to questions, Papapdopoulos said that Cyprus is interested in telecommunications, information technology, logistics systems, research and high technology industries.

''In fact we have made that sector our first priority because Cyprus has highly trained and educated people but has not many raw materials or natural resources. So I think the field for us is to go into high technology and make either tools or equipment of high technology. This is the field that France can help very much since it has very advanced technology,'' the President added.

Asked whether there are any projects in these fields, the President said that Cyprus has already projects underway, such as the new phase of the electrical and energy system. ''This is quite a big project which will cost about one billion euros,'' he added.

The Association is a powerful club with big conglomerates such as the Bank Paris - Bas, Alcatel telecommunications, Buiqque global constructions agency as members.

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