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Finance Ministry prepares action programme on Lisbon Strategy
2005-11-07 13:57:15

Nicosia, Nov 7 (CNA) – The Finance Ministry has completed the first National Action Programme of Cyprus on the Lisbon Strategy, which aims to promote reforms in the development, social and environmental policy of the island.

The programme will be adopted during the next cabinet meeting and will be then forwarded to the European Commission for approval.

Speaking to CNA, Financial Director, in charge of Lisbon matters at the Finance Ministry, Andreas Trokkos said that it is a programme which puts down priorities and takes specific measures to handle the main challenges which the Cypriot economy is facing in the developmental and social fields and which are also part of the substance of the Lisbon Strategy Programme.

Trokkos said that the fundamental principles of the programme are issues which deal with the ageing population, the redistribution of public expenses for the benefit of expenses which concern infrastructure issues as well as research, education, health, social cohesion and issues that concern the improvement and upgrading of the environment.

He said changes which the Commission might make will be taken into consideration during the final preparation of the programme, noting that it will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Trokkos described it as a Cyprus plan which is considered by the relevant authorities as the proper framework to formulate the developmental, social and environmental policy and a framework of radical reforms where society deems are necessary to promote. The main challenges of the plan are to improve the economy, bearing in mind issues concerning ageing population.

Furthermore, he stressed the need for dialogue on pension and health issues“so that we know that these issues are viable and will serve future generations”.

Trokkos said it is necessary to “abandon consumer nature expenses or to restrict them and to place emphasis on expenses which serve the Lisbon strategy aims”.

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