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Cyprus committed to EU efforts to safeguard democracy
2005-11-08 12:15:15

Nicosia, Nov 8 (CNA) -- Cyprus Parliamentary Defence Committee President Yiannakis Omirou expressed today Cyprus’ commitment to EU efforts to safeguard democracy, the rule of law and the implementation UN Security Council resolutions.

Omirou is attending a meeting of the Presidents of Parliamentary Defence Committees of EU member-states and the European Parliament in London.

Speaking at a discussion entitled ''EU Police and Military Activities in Bosnia – Herzegovina'', Omirou noted that the EU police mission to Bosnia (EUPM), as the first European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) operation launched in 2003, proves the development of ESDP and the EU determination to work with the international community for the promotion of peace and security in the region.

Omirou also described as significant, given Cyprus’ small size, the participation of six Cypriot policemen in the EUPM, adding that this contribution is evident of Cyprus’ commitment in the EU efforts to safeguard democracy and rule of law as well as the implementation of the UN Security Councils resolutions.

Omirou also pointed out the smooth transition from the NATO-led military operation in Bosnia (SFOR) to EUROFOR, proves the effective cooperation between the EU and NATO.

It is self-evident that the success of the operation will contribute to a more substantive EU involvement to the efforts to promote stability in a neighbouring country, Omirou noted.

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