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Serdar Denktash: "Turkish troops will not leave Cyprus"
2005-11-10 13:38:09

Turkey, Nov 10 - Turkish Cypriot politician Serdar Denktash told students at the Dogus University in Turkey, that the continued presence of the Turkish occupation troops in Cyprus was of utmost importance.

Mr. Denktash provocatively alleged: “If the Greek Cypriots get rid of the Turkish troops from the island, then you have to forget Cyprus and the Cyprus problem. The Cyprus problem is over and the island becomes Hellenic”.

The son of former Turkish Cypriot leader, Rauf Denktash, also attacked Britain and the US. He said: “Britain has interest in the non-solution of the Cyprus problem. Once a real solution is found to the Cyprus problem, the issue of the British bases will be on the agenda. As long as the Cyprus problem exists nobody remembers the bases”.

He then added that the real architects of the non-solution in Cyprus are the USA and Britain. "The whole of the island has been turned into a monitoring station of the Middle East", he stressed.

An equally provocative statement on Ankara's refusal to withdraw its occupation troops from the northern occupied part of Cyprus was made by Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, a month ago.

Mr. Gul said that thanks to his government's policy no Turkish soldier was withdrawn and no square meter of occupied Cypriot territory was conceded.

In an exclusive interview with daily Aksam on October 10, 2005, Mr. Gul had also referred to Ankara's EU process and said:

"From now on less political issues will be placed before us. From now on technical issues will be put. Now we shall tie up our lives to the EU regulations. Of course, we will discuss Cyprus. After all there is a country on the negotiation table that we do not recognize. They say that we are selling out Cyprus. The biggest answer to this is the invitation extended to [Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali] Talat to visit the USA."

He added: "Just look into the gains we have succeeded with our policies in three years time in Cyprus. The prosperity of the Turkish Cypriots increased. Mehmet Ali Talat met with almost all the world leaders. While these changes were taking place, was a single soldier withdrawn or a square meter of territory given?"

Note: the accompanying picture is a copy of a propaganda poster used by Turkey during the invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

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