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Cyprus President hopes a new UN initiative will bring agreement
2005-11-15 12:09:48

Nicosia, Nov 14 (CNA) – Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos expressed hope that a new, well prepared initiative of the United Nations on Cyprus could bring about an agreement for a solution based on Security Council resolutions and on the principles and laws of the EU, since Cyprus is already a full member of the European Union.

Papadopoulos was speaking at a formal ceremony during which he received the credentials of the new of the new Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Jang Myong Son, based in Cairo.

Son assured he will do his best to develop the friendly relations of the two countries during his term in office to Cyprus.

Papadopoulos said “we have committed ourselves to a solution that would bring about the liberation and reunification of our country, in a bicommunal and bizonal federation.”

“But the UN plan which was put to referendum on 24th of April 2004 was not considered by the vast majority of the people as capable of bringing a balanced, functional and lasting solution that would serve the legitimate interests of the people of Cyprus as a whole,” he noted.

He said the most important consideration amongst the Greek-Cypriots who overwhelmingly rejected the Plan, was that the Plan, did not in fact, provide for the reunification of the country; on the contrary it provided for the perpetuation of the separatist attitudes of the status quo and the legalisation of most of the results of the Turkish invasion in 1974 and of the occupation ever since. Especially on the issues of the usurped Greek-Cypriot immovable property (88% in the occupied areas) and on the dichotomy of the monetary, fiscal and economic policies and practices, he added.

Papadopoulos said that prior to the accession of the Republic to the European Union on 1st May 2004, as well as after this event of historical significance for Cyprus, “we have been cooperating with the Union for increased financial assistance to the Turkish Cypriots and for trade through the ceasefire line and the legal ports of entry of the Republic, with the purpose of accelerating the economic development of our Turkish Cypriot compatriots (not of the separatist regime) and the welfare and preparations for the reunification of the country.”

He noted that Cyprus still needs the support of all countries in our struggle to achieve a peaceful, acceptable to both communities, solution of the Cyprus problem and noted that “we are grateful for the principled position on Cyprus and the continuing support of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to the Republic of Cyprus.”

As regards Cyprus – Korea bilateral relations he expressed hope that “despite the great distance between the two countries, our bilateral contacts and cooperation will develop for the benefit of both, taking also into account the new perspective in our relations deriving from the accession of Cyprus to the European Union.”

He also said that Cyprus supports the further rapprochement between the two Korean States, that would facilitate the establishment of permanent peace in north-east Asia.

“We are pleased to hear that an agreement has been achieved, as formulated in a joint communique for the September 2005 six-party talks, with regard to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and the normalization of relations in the region. This is an important step towards the right direction and we expect that the talks in the near future will achieve further concrete steps in realizing the agreed major targets and acknowledged rights and responsibilities, President Papadopoulos noted.

Son conveyed the warm greetings by the leader of the people of Korea Kim Jong II, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the National Defense Commission of the D.P.R. of Korea, and Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army.

“I also would like to send the warm greetings to your respected Excellency, Mr. President, from H.E. Kim Yong Nam, the President of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of the D.P.R. of Korea,” he said.

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