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Cyprus condemns 22nd anniversary of declaration of secessionist entity
2005-11-15 13:37:31

Nicosia, Nov 15 - The Cyprus Government strongly condemned the 22nd anniversary of the illegal UDI (unilateral declaration of independence) by the Turkish Cypriot regime in the occupied northern part of Cyprus.

A statement by the Foreign Ministry said ''22 years ago after the illegal unilateral declaration of the secessionist entity of the occupied areas, Turkey continues not to conform with and flagrantly violate resolutions 541(1983) and 550(1984) of the UN Security Council with which the international community condemned as legally invalid the declaration of the pseudo regime and called for its revocation.''

It also said that ''despite efforts by the Turkish diplomacy and the subordinate to Turkey administration of the occupied areas, the illegal regime has not been recognised by any country apart from the occupying power.''

The preservation of the regime ''is a violation of the instructions of the international community, remains a serious obstacle in efforts for Cyprus' reunification, due to the Turkish side's insistence in secessionist policies and pursuits, by promoting the occupation's fait accompli," the statement stressed, and concluded:

''We are pursuing to secure fundamental rights and safeguard the fundamental freedoms of all Cypriots and a solution that can function and withstand time, a solution which will safeguard sovereignty, territorial integrity and the independence of the Republic of Cyprus, without foreign guardianship, a solution that will secure the interests and rights of all Cypriots, the withdrawal of settlers and the occupation forces and the respect of principles and values on which the EU is based."

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