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Cyprus Spokesman: Annan Plan is basis for negotiations
2005-11-23 10:25:53

Nicosia, Nov 23 (CNA) – The Annan Plan is the basis for negotiations of a solution to the Cyprus problem that should be based on other elements such as UN resolutions, European principles and the High Level Agreements, stated here Wednesday Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides.

Asked whether the synopsis at the National Council concerned proposals for changes to the Annan Plan or proposals for a solution to the Cyprus problem, the Spokesman said that the result of the discussions at the National Council, as evaluated by the President of the Republic, was presented to the UN Secretary-General”.

The Annan Plan, Chrysostomides continued, "constitutes the basis for negotiations, we want however any solution to be based on UN resolutions, EU principles and the High Level Agreements of 1977 and 1979 and generally the democratic principles of the operation of a state, even a bizonal, bicommunal federation, and the protection of the human rights of all citizens, with equality. This line will not change”, he underlined.

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