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Cyprus donates 50 thousand dollars to quake stricken Pakistan
2005-11-28 15:12:33

by Maria Koniotou

Valetta, Nov 26 (CNA) -- Cyprus would not like to be absent at this crucial time for Pakistan, Cyprus Foreign Minister George Iacovou said here today handing over a check for 50,000 US dollars to his Pakistani counterpart Khurshid Kasuri in aid for the Pakistani people whose country was recently struck by a huge earthquake.

''Although this is an entirely humanitarian gesture, please also accept not only our sympathy but also our high esteem for your government and our affection for your people,'' Iacovou told Kasuri.

The Pakistani FM thanked Iacovou and the government of Cyprus for this ''generous donation''.

''It is the thought which matters,'' he said, expressing appreciation for the gesture of the government of Cyprus.

He said that when it was made clear what the magnitude of the disaster was, the President of Pakistan and the government of the country made an appeal to the international community, within a few hours after the catastrophe, ''because time saves life''.

''I am very grateful to your country, I am grateful to the international community for the generous response that came up with the Islamabad Donors' Conference,'' he noted.

He said the estimations for the damage reached 5.2 billion dollars and the international community has already responded with pledges of 6.2 billion dollars.

Kasuri assured that 7 tons of medicine to be dispatched from Cyprus to Pakistan would be put to good use.

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