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Cyprus President: Turkish occupation forces violate buffer zone
2005-12-05 17:05:21

Nicosia, Dec 5 (CNA) – Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos stressed today that the Turkish occupation forces violate the buffer zone with work in the Ledra Street area, noting that tolerance does not bring validation.

Invited to comment on the continued violations in the area, the President said “it is a total violation of the buffer zone. We hope that they realize that tolerance does not bring validation”, he said.

Invited to comment on removal by the occupation forces of barriers in the area that were earlier set up by the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces in Cyprus (UNFICYP) the President wondered “what do you want me to comment on? It is another example of Turkish Cypriots not even respecting UNFICYP,” he added.

Meanwhile Cyprus Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides said after the cabinet meeting that the fact that the occupation forces are planning to annex even half of the buffer zone, is something which derives from their behaviour.

He reminded that their advance began at various sites, first at Strovilia, then Louroutzina and now there is the same intention in the Ledra Street area.

He cited the delay until the opening of the Zodia crossing point and now with the way they want to open Ledra Street crossing. “You see the way they want to open the crossing. First by establishing the existence of the occupation, i.e. interfering in the buffer zone, just like they did in many other areas, and I think that for this reason we must be very careful and clear because the buffer zone is not under the Turkish forces’ occupation,” he said.

“The occupation regime does not miss an opportunity to arrogantly exhibit that it can enforce its power. However”, he added, this comes through the use of military force which is still illegal.

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