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Papadopoulos: Turkish forces build bridge of separation in buffer zone
2005-12-06 17:26:52

Nicosia, Dec 6 (CNA) - The Turkish actions in the buffer zone near Ledra Street in Nicosia do not aim at building bridges of reunification, but bridges of separation, President of the Republic of Cyprus Tassos Papadopoulos pointed out today, adding that the United Nations are aware that the Turkish occupation army is violating the buffer zone in the area.

''Our position is clear. We will not accept the occupation of the buffer zone and whoever says that the United Nations have a different view, is wrong,'' the President said.

Noting that the only way to solve the problem is through dialogue, he said that the dialogue continues but reminded that, despite the UN Security Council decision about the violation of the status quo in the Strovilia area, the Turkish forces have not withdrawn yet.

He added that the United Nations are aware of the fact that there is a violation of the buffer zone by the Turkish occupation army and said that the Greek Cypriot side would not accept the violation even by one metre.

''The UN know that there is a violation. It is not important if the violation stretches to one, two or five metres. It is a matter of principle. If we accept here the violation at one meter, two or three, then more bad things will follow,'' he pointed out.

President Papadopoulos added that the Turkish Cypriot side is making efforts to give the impression that it is interested in the reunification of the two sides on the island, ''whereas by the nature and the type of works they conduct, instead of building a bridge of communication and reunification, they are building a bridge of separation.''

Answering questions, President Papadopoulos said that the Greek Cypriot side has submitted to the United Nations in full and in detail all the changes it wishes to see in the UN-sponsored plan for a solution of the Cyprus problem.

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