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UNFICYP will not proceed with opening Ledra Street, reports say
2005-12-07 18:01:45

by Apostolis Zoupaniotis

United Nations, Dec 7 (CNA) – The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces in Cyprus will not proceed with the opening of the Ledra Street crossing, Deputy Secretary General of the UN Hedi Anabi has reportedly said during today’s unofficial debate on the issue at the Security Council.

The situation that has ensued at Ledra Street in the divided capital with the construction work by Turkish occupation forces in the buffer zone, was raised by many delegations, including Greece, France, Brazil, the Philippines and Romania during the debate on the Secretary General’s report on the renewal of the UNFICYP mandate, reports said.

The Security Council was briefed by Deputy Secretary General Anabi who reiterated that there are still no conditions for the resumption talks.

Greece’s Permanent Representative at the UN Ambassador Adamantios Vasilakis stated that in today's unofficial deliberations a full and analytical discussion was carried out at the Council. He said that the resolution that will be adopted by the Security Council on 14 December will be technical.

On the Ledra Street issue, the reports said that Anabi admitted the construction of the bridge creates a problem. He said that according to the facts provided by the UN the bridge is not within the buffer zone, nor have the Turkish occupation forces advanced and there was no violation of the buffer zone. However, he said that the construction of the bridge does not help in building confidence but on the contrary, it serves patrols by soldiers underneath and this was a negative development.

Based on the above, he added, UNFICYP will not proceed with the opening of Ledra Street, the reports said.

During the debate, the members were positive on resuming the Secretary-General’s mission of good offices. The British representative said that before these begin, the conditions must be clarified, as well as the views of the sides and what the Secretary-General is looking for.

The meeting was attended by US Permanent Representative John Bolton who said his country does not consider necessary at the moment, a discussion on UNFICYP’s restructure, noting however that the Security Council will closely monitor the issue and will examine it when necessary.

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