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Hala Sultan Tekke restoration works are now completed
2005-12-08 13:20:24

Nicosia, Dec 8 - Restoration works at coastal Larnaca's Hala Sultan Tekke (Umm Haram) have been completed and a symbolic event will be held at the mosque tomorrow (Friday), marking the completion of the project activities.

These were financed with a grant from the Bicommunal Development Programme with the support of USAID and UNDP, and were executed by UNOPS.

In a press release, UNDP notes that the final phase of the work to restore the historic monument began in April 2005.

''The aggressive coastal environment, coupled with the ravages of time, insect infestation and water penetration, had caused extensive damage to the mosque, minaret and surrounding environment. The main objective of the restoration work was to carry out the necessary structural strengthening to protect and preserve the integrity of the monument,'' UNDP says.

It adds that the mosque is ''one of Islam's most important holy sites and among the greatest cultural heritage monuments of Europe and of the world,'' noting that it has ''long been the destination of Muslim pilgrims from Cyprus and the Middle East and is a symbol of the island's multicultural heritage.''

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