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Committee denounces illegal excavations in occupied Cyprus
2005-12-09 17:07:04

by Christa Nicolaou

Athens, Dec 9 (CNA) - The Committee for Rescuing the Cultural Heritage of Cyprus has denounced illegal excavations at the site of Galinoporni in Turkish occupied Cyprus held by members of European Universities.

In a document signed by the Committee's President Nikolaos Konomis and Secretary Anna Filini, it is stated that ''Professor Ernst Pernicka of the University of Tubingen in cooperation with Dr. Marting Bartelheim of the University of Freiburg of Germany are actively engaged in the illegal excavation of the well-known site of Galinoporni in the occupied peninsula of Karpasia.''

''This is the first time that members of European Universities, under the pretext of an archaeological survey, ignore the legal and moral impact of their action on violating the international law,'' the Committee says, adding that apart from these two archaeologists, they denounce the funding of these illegal excavations by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

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