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EU Commissioner: Implementation of Customs Union by Turkey is important
2005-12-09 17:10:33

Nicosia, Dec 9 (CNA) -- EU Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, Joe Borg, has said that he would work closely with other EU Commissioners so that Turkey meets its obligations regarding the opening of Turkish ports for Cyprus ships.

Borg, on the island for a working visit, met today with Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Timis Efithimiou, and in statements after the meeting he said that the implementation of the Customs Union Protocol by Turkey is important.

He clarified though, that the implementation of the Protocol is not directly linked with his portofolio, since there are other General Directorates that are more involved in the issue.

«The issue (of implementation) is dealt with by Commissioners of Transport and Enlargement, because Turkey is a candidate country for membership. I will work closely with the other Commissioners in order to see to that things move forward in that regard”, he said.

In statements after the meeting, Cypriot Minister said that they discussed issues concerning fisheries and bill amendments for the implementation of a common fisheries policy.

Efthimiou also noted that Cyprus is facing problems due to its geographic distance from Europe, regarding the transport of goods.

European Commissioner said that during his meetings in Cyprus he would discuss the common fisheries policy and take into consideration the concerns of the people working in the area, so that a viable policy is implemented in the end.

Regarding the European Fisheries Fund, Borg said that the allocation for every member state would be clarified when there is a decision on the EU financial perspectives.

Later on Borg held a meeting with representatives of governmental departments to review the situation of fisheries in Cyprus as well as the provisions of the European Fisheries Fund.

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