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Speaker: Association of regulation with Varosha good development
2005-12-09 17:12:59

Nicosia, Dec 9 (CNA) – House President Demetris Christofias described as positive development the European Commission associating the direct trade regulation with the Turkish occupied north, with the opening of Varosha, expressing the hope that the EU will insist in its position.

He added that the whole effort had been “toppled” in the past due to Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side’s reaction and hoped that the Turkish Cypriot leadership and Turkey will now understand that the opening of Varosha and its association with the regulation on direct trade will benefit all Cypriots.

The House President reminded that this is the second time the issue is blocked. He cited the Luxembourg presidency of the EU when having the Cyprus government proposal, attempted to associate the direct trade regulation with the financial regulation and the opening of Varosha but Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side did not give the presidency the chance to proceed.

Christofias said the issue is now returning because of the 120 million euro that might be lost.

Commenting on Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat’s statement that he does not care if the 120 million euro is lost, Christofias said that he is aware of the statements, noting they do not do any justice to the Turkish Cypriot community.

The House President said that the return to Varosha is not such a simple procedure since the deserted town will have to be rebuilt, noting that if the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot side agree with the association of the regulation with the return of Varosha, this will indicate an act of good will and will create better preconditions for direct dialogue the soonest.

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