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Chrysostomides proposes joint forum to draft constitution
2005-12-12 16:55:53

Nicosia, Dec 11 (CNA) -- Kypros Chrysostomides, Government Spokesman and leader of the Front for the Restructuring of the Centre, has proposed that a joint forum of experts from the Greek and the Turkish Cypriot communities is set up, under UN aegis, to draft a new constitution for Cyprus.

In his address to the party congress, ahead of May’s parliamentary elections, he said the constitution must be based on a bizonal bicommunal federation and provide for a single state with a single personality, one citizenship and it must exclude division.

He pointed out that the forum could be chaired by the UN or jointly with a Greek and a Turkish Cypriot expert but also stressed that the European Union must participate in such an effort, the outcome of which must be put to the people.

Referring to Turkey, he said that if Ankara wants to be considered an acceding country to the EU, it must clarify whether it wants a solution that would render Cyprus an exception or a prototype for the application of the acquis communautaire.

“Turkey must state clearly whether it is ready to engage in talks with a view to bringing about those changes in the Annan plan (a UN proposed solution plan) that would ensure that a solution will be to the benefit of all Cypriots and not third parties,” he added.

Chrysostomides questioned Ankara’s motives in seeking a political settlement in Cyprus, saying that it appears that Turkey wants to “cash in” on its approval of the Annan plan to gain advantages, at the expense of the Turkish Cypriots.

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