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Cyprus taking all measures to contribute in fight against terrorism
2005-12-12 17:04:15

Nicosia, Dec 12 (CNA) – Cyprus is undertaking all necessary legal and practical measures to contribute to the ecumenical fight against terrorism, pledged Minister of Justice and Public Order Doros Theodorou on Monday.

Addressing delegates at the Commonwealth Training of Trainers Programme “Capacity Building in Combating Terrorism”, in Nicosia, Theodorou said “the world today is experiencing the true brutal nature of terrorism. Terrorists kill thousands of innocent people including their fellow people, without any mercy”.

“The terrorists seek to destabilise entire nations and regions and to achieve their evil goals they are ready to use any means, conventional, chemical, biological and even nuclear weapons”, he stressed.

“Terrorism has no place in civilized and free societies like the societies of the member-states of the Commonwealth”, the Cypriot minister said and underlined that to “achieve results in combating terrorism we have to pursue our mission systematically and well-prepared”.

Theodorou said the “defeat of terror requires an international coalition of unprecedented score cooperation and intelligence sharing. It demands sustained holistic actions against the terrorists. No country should be apathetic in this struggle because no country can be secure in a world threatened by terror”.

Referring to Cyprus’ efforts to combat terrorism, he said the island, “as member-state of the European Union, the United Nations and the Commonwealth is undertaking all necessary legal and practical measures to contribute to the ecumenical fight against terrorism”.

Already Cyprus has signed and ratified all international Conventions against terrorism and has harmonized its policy and practices with those of the European Union. In addition the Cypriot law enforcement bodies are continuously trained to be able to successfully respond to any terrorist threat, he noted.

Turning to the seminar, the Cypriot Justice Minister said the Commonwealth training of trainers program and the Project on Capacity Building in Combating Terrorism is highly appreciated as a contribution to the global fight against terrorism.

In this fight against terrorism, Theodorou said, “we have to keep the integrity of these values and always try to reach a balance between measures to safeguard the right of the people for security with the full respect of human rights and civil liberties”.

Unless we achieve such a balance we cannot successfully respond to terrorism, the Minister noted, adding that apart from police measures and law enforcement, “we have to address in a comprehensive way economic and social problems which are used as an excuse by terrorist to recruit and radicalize people. Policies to prevent recruitment and radicalization should go together with freedom, development, equal opportunities, democracy and respect to the rule of law”, Theodorou concluded.

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