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OA Boeing takes off to re-enact deadly Helios flight
2005-12-19 14:13:26

Larnaca, Dec 19 (CNA) - An Olympic Airways Boeing 737-300 took off from Larnaca Airport at 1107 local time to re-enact an Helios Airways flight that killed a total 121 people on August 14 when it crashed in Greece.

The airplane for today's ''Operation 121'' flight landed at Larnaca Airport at 0850 local time to carry a nine-member team of investigators and doctors, and a five-member crew.

Head of the Greek Committee for the Investigation of Accidents Akrivos Tsolakis told reporters before ''Operation 121'' took to the air that the re-enactment of the flight was the first on such a scale in Greece and possibly, under the circumstances, in the world.

A delegation of the committee of victims' families was also at the airport.

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