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Property ''law'' political rather than legal, says FM Permanent Secretary
2005-12-20 14:25:15

Nicosia, Dec 20 (CNA) -- Cypriot Foreign Ministry's Permanent Secretary Sotos Zackheos said here today that the ''law'' approved yesterday by the so-called parliament in Cyprus occupied areas does not envisage the restoration of properties to their legal owners but to safeguard the bizonality of a future Cyprus settlement and to give Turkey time credit as regards Greek Cypriot appeals in the European Court of Human Righs (ECHR) and its European obligations.

''We have no doubt that the so called law's aims are political rather than legal '', Zackheos said replying to questions, adding that the Cypriot Foreign Ministry is looking into the provisions of the so-called law.

He also said that the ''law'' provides for property returns up to 4% of the occupied territory and imposes certain criteria.

''In fact not even that 4% will be returned,'' Zackheos added, noting that the provisions of the so-called law aim to spare Turkey of her European obligations.

''The so called law does not aim to meet the provisions of the European Convention of Human Rights and to solve the issue of the return and restoration of properties,'' he added.

Zackheos also said that he has no doubt that if more Greek Cypriot appeals are submitted in the ECHR ''every objective judge will deem that the law is not an adequate and effective remedy and does not meet international requirements and international law.''

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