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Cyprus sends humanitarian aid to Pakistan
2005-12-20 14:26:54

Nicosia, Dec 20 (CNA)-- Cyprus will send medicine worth 25.000 Cyprus pounds (50.000 US dollars) to Pakistan, which on October 8 suffered a devastating earthquake measuring 7,6 on Richter scale, killing more than 73.000 people.

The aid comprising antibiotics, antiseptics, hypertension medicines, as well as bandages and injections was delivered here today by Cypriot Foreign Ministry's Permanent Secretary Sotos Zakheos to Cyprus Civil Defense who will coordinate the dispatch to Pakistan.

Speaking during the ceremony, Zackheos said ''Cyprus shows its humanitarian face,'' adding that ''especially these days of love we show that every one should contribute to ease human suffering''.

Noting that Pakistan is an Islamic state friendly to Turkey, Zakheos said that when it comes to humanistic issues ''Cyprus does not discriminate between Islamic and other countries.''

''We do not believe in discrimination on the basis of religion and our foreign policy is one of tolerance and international cooperation,'' he added.

Speaking during the ceremony Civil Defence Chief Christos Kyriakides said that so far the Civil Defence has dispatched humanitarian aid to Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Sudan and now Pakistan, worth 500.000 dollars.

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