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Cyprus to host ASEM interfaith forum
2005-12-29 12:45:08

Nicosia, Dec. 26 – In its effort to foster understanding among cultures and religions, Cyprus is hosting the second ASEM Interfaith Dialogue Forum next year. It is the first time such a meeting takes place in a European country within the framework of the Asia-Europe Meeting.

An official press release underlines the need to move from general ideas toward taking concrete measures that would have a positive impact to the citizens of the Mediterranean partner countries.

The forum aims –among others- to define and promote common values such as respect for human rights and the protection of the environment.

It also aims to encourage and support the establishment of mechanisms within respective religious communities to strengthen ethical behavior and commonly shared moral values.

In addition, participants will acknowledge and respect the differences with and among the religions and faiths. They will also try to strengthen the education of faith, both within their own religion as well as the others in order to enable interfaith dialogue.

The forum also aims to help facilitate social convergence to promote gender equality and to recognize the role of women in peace building and interfaith dialogue, according to the official announcement.

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