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Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos' message for the New Year
2006-01-02 10:20:48

Nicosia, Dec 31 (CNA) -- ''Waiting in a few hours the dawn of the new year, I communicate with all the citizens of our country wishing everyone good health, happiness and fulfillment of their dreams and expectations.

For our common homeland, common is the wish of all of us: Let 2006 be the end of its long trial and the beginning of a new course for a better tomorrow, built on the joy of vindication and the happiness of permanent peace.

We wish this better tomorrow for our people and country, not by passively waiting for a stroke of good luck, but by actively undertaking of initiatives and efforts for reaching a functional and viable solution to our national issue. A solution that will reunite the people and our country on the basis of a bizonal bicommunal federation and a solution that will safeguard the equal rights, without exception, to all legitimate citizens of our country.

Foremost in my thoughts are the refugees, the enclaved, the relatives of the missing and our youths serving in the National Guard, to whom I address my warmest wishes.

I wish also to express my particular appreciation to all those who because of their work are at these hours away from their homes and loved ones, manning essential services. I express my thanks, wishing them all the best.

This not the proper time to make a detailed review of the year 2005, or refer to internal political differences. This hour lends itself only for a review of the only subject that unites us and concerns us all, as it involves our very survival and our country.

I am speaking of course of our national issue, without talking about the past. We look ahead, because we are interested in the future. The clock can not go back and we should not talk exhaustively about the past. What happened in the past is useful as it gives us lessons and provides the measure of credibility of slogans about impending catastrophe and chaos, slogans used in the past but continued to be used even now with a view to making us accept an unjust, unbalanced and unacceptable plan for a “solution”. What happened in the past remains in our memory and should lead to circumspection. Tomorrow requires careful thinking and action.

I am not interested in creating impressions and I am indifferent to communication tricks. The only thing that interests me is prudent and responsible action and a proper solution to the Cyprus problem.

We have already informed the United Nations Secretary General about our willingness and readiness for a meaningful dialogue. Without unnecessary fanfare, but with consistency and a sense of responsibility, we are working for the creation of the necessary conditions that would render the dialogue fruitful and productive. A new dialogue should be prepared very well so as to have a reasonable chance of success. Our goal has always been an agreed solution, without arbitration and pressing time limits. I believe that the fact that these principles are now accepted by the United Nations Organisation and many countries of the European Union is an important development. In the framework of these principles, we seek a solution based on the decisions of the World Organisation, a solution that would not clash with the fundamental principles of the European Union. This is the solution for which we are working and struggle.

To our Turkish Cypriot compatriots I address on this occasion a message of friendship. I ask them to understand and recognize our justified concerns. I call them to realize that their own prosperity and progress too cannot be secured through divisive tendencies and political actions, but only through the reunification of our country. I call them to work with us so as to bring down the walls of division. Overpasses under the supervision and in the presence of occupation troops cannot lead to rapprochement, contact and communication. Only through wide roads can we meet and proceed together to bring peace to our island through a mutually agreeable solution.

I send to all a message of faith and optimism. We have endured the worst calamities and now we hope for the better. I believe in the vindication of our struggle. I believe that better days will dawn on our martyred island. United we can go ahead. United we can succeed. And we shall succeed.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a happy new year. I wish that 2006 may be a year of joy and happiness for all the legitimate inhabitants of our island – Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Maronites, Armenians and Latins. Our country belongs only to them. And they deserve a better future''.

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