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British MP condemns Cherie Blair’s involvement in property case
2006-01-10 10:25:19

Nicosia, Jan 10 (CNA) – British MP Roger Gale has condemned the involvement of British Prime Minister’s spouse Cherie Blair in property issues relating to the northern Turkish occupied part of Cyprus.

Speaking at the House of Commons, Gale said it is not good enough for the Prime Minister’s wife, acting in any “professional” capacity, to defend the interests of those exploiting stolen and occupied property in the northern part of Cyprus while the Foreign Office says that the British government warns British citizens of the risks of purchasing property in northern Cyprus.

Gale said he spent parliamentary years seeking to secure the restoration of a home stolen from his constituent, George Gerolemou, now 39 years old.

“I think I am entitled to object to the signal being sent out from one corner of Downing Street in conflict with the ‘warning’ issued by the Foreign Office,” he said.

He noted that Cherie Blair’s involvement in a case “allegedly funded by a former North London Turkish Cypriot Labour Councillor and seeking to defend the interests of British nationals who claim to ‘own’ a villa built on land belonging to a Greek Cypriot refugee, is clearly designed to bestow legitimacy upon an illegal regime and upon the illegal development of the villas that a re now smothering the northern part of the island.”

“Once again it would seem that venal self-interest is taking precedence over the legitimate rights of those who have had their properties illicitly taken from them,” he added.

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