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Cyprus government pursues cooperation with Turkey on bird flu
2006-01-10 13:02:04

Nicosia, Jan 10 -- The Cyprus government has shown good intention of cooperation with the Turkish authorities, in the EU framework, with a view to combat bird flu.

This is what Government Spokesman Kypros Chrysostomides has said, before noting that Cyprus Veterinary Services are having contacts with veterinarians in the Turkish-occupied areas.

Mr. Chrysostomides also said: “We have shown every good intention of cooperation with the Turkish authorities, in the framework of the EU, of which Cyprus is a member and to which Turkey wants to accede.”

He then added that “contacts are being held with the occupation regime, in the framework of the Veterinary Services, on this issue.”

“What does not seem to satisfy Turkish Cypriot leader Mr. Talat is the fact that the so called authorities of the occupying regime are not recognized,” he stressed.

Moreover, the Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment has decided to ban duck-hunting as a further measure to prevent avian influenza (bird flu). The relevant decree banning duck-hunting will be issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

Cyprus Minister of Agriculture Mr. Eftymios Efthymiou explained that migratory birds, such as ducks, may be carriers of avian influenza and ''we deemed it necessary to eliminate this possibility as well.''

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