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Missing persons relatives send letter to new UNSG's representative
2006-01-18 12:21:19

Nicosia, Jan 18 (CNA) -- The Pancyprian Committee for the Missing Persons has called upon the new UNSG's Special Representative to Cyprus Michael Moller to contribute so that all involved interested and interested parties realise that there should be no more delay in solving the humanitarian issue of missing persons in Cyprus.

In a letter to Moller, the Committee said the relatives of missing persons in Cyprus would like to believe that Moller would soon dwell on this tragic humanitarian problem ''and find ways to keep it as a high priority on the agenda of all parties implicated in the Cyprus problem”.

The Committee welcomed Moller and noted its wish for an early meeting with him, during which “we will bring to your attention some critical aspects concerning the current work of the Committee of Missing Persons (CMP)”.

The Committee further said that the UN SG Special Representative’s arrival to Cyprus coincided with developments concerning the problem of missing persons that give the impression that things might move towards the desired direction, away from the existing stalemate.

“There appears to be now a better possibility that the current critical efforts might lead to some improvement. This of course, may happen only if the needed catalytic planning and coordination is made available on time and in an adequate way”, the Committee said.

“The suffering and anguish of the relatives have lasted too long. The restoration of their human rights, and those of their loved ones, must not be denied any longer”, the Committee stressed in the letter, noting that “the solution should be in accordance with what is promulgated in universal conventions and declarations, and is internationally recognised as acceptable standards and procedures”.

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