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EC Representation: no EU role in setting up UNDP Trust Fund for TCs
2006-01-18 12:23:00

Nicosia, Jan 18 (CNA) – The European Commission is in principle supportive of initiatives aiming to support the economic development of the Turkish Cypriots but dismisses allegations that it played a role in the setting up of the UNDP Trust Fund, established to help the community.

Asked to comment on reports that the Commission played a role in the setting up of the Trust Fund, an EC Representation in Cyprus, press officer told CNA that it was purely “an initiative by UNDP in which neither the EU nor the Commission is playing any role”.

The press officer added that “there is also no link between the setting up of the Trust Fund and the loss of the 120 million euros because of the non approval of the draft aid regulation by the end of 2005”.

Concerning the proposed feasibility studies on a needs assessment of the transport network of the Turkish Cypriot community and on the sustainable development of the Karpas peninsula, the press officer noted that “all necessary procedures for the formal consultation of Member States when implementing financial assistance programme have been followed”.

The two studies in question, the press officer explained, “will be undertaken in a similar vein to enable to gain a better picture of how the economy works in the northern part of Cyprus”, concluding that the study on transport does not aim to upgrade ports and airports but to understand what the needs of the whole transport sector are”.

The UN Secretary General's Special Representative in Cyprus and chief of mission of the UN peacekeeping force on the island (UNFICYP) Michael Moller appeared yesterday apologetic to Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs George Iacovou over the establishment of the UNDP trust fund to help the Turkish Cypriot community without discussing the matter with the Cypriot government.

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