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Cyprus government to provide electricity to occupied north
2006-01-18 15:27:41

Nicosia, Jan 18 (CNA) -- The Cypriot government has responded positively to a request by the illegal regime in Cyprus' northern part to urgently provide the areas occupied by Turkish troops with electricity following an explosion at the occupied Kyrenia power plant.

President Tassos Papadopoulos said that the Republic will provide, under conditions, every possible assistance to the occupied north.

''We replied immediately because we are willing to help, but there are technical problems because the network is separate and hasn't been used for many years'', he noted.

President Papadopoulos said that he asked the engineers of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) to work as hard as possible to achieve a connection of busbars.

''We will help, provided that we are not considered a third country but compatriots, and that we are helping a part of the Republic of Cyprus'', he added.

Foreign Minister George Iacovou said there was no political problem in granting the Turkish Cypriots electricity after many areas in the occupied north experienced power cuts.

“The occupation authorities have already asked us to provide them with electricity”, he said, adding that EAC engineers were working on making this feasible.

EAC Vice President Charis Charalambous said that EAC was trying to provide the electricity by connecting the busbars at Orounta and Athalassa areas with the occupied north.

He said the request for electricity by the occupation regime was conveyed through the United Nations and the Authorities of the Republic replied positively, adding that power was expected to be available through Athalassa before midnight and from Orounta early tomorrow.

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