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Archbishop of America moved by Cyprus visit
2006-01-25 14:55:13

Nicosia, Jan 25 (CNA) - Archbishop of all America Demetrios said he ascertained today the active pastoral interest and love of the clergy of the Church of Cyprus in issues concerning orthodoxy on a worldwide level.

Speaking after meeting the Holy Synod, Archbishop Demetrios said they exchanged views and were informed on the ''problems, facts and prospects of orthodoxy among Christians and the modern world.''

Stressing the discussion was held in a ''warm, brotherly atmosphere,'' Archbishop Demetrios said it was held in the spirit of his meeting with ailing Archbishop Chrysostomos.

He described his meeting with the Cypriot Archbishop as ''intensely moving,'' noting the last time the two met was in Moscow four years ago.

Archbishop Demetrios also said he was deeply moved by his visit to the island and by seeing the sites where ''the great Archbishop of Cyprus Makarios III had lived.''

''After my visit to the President of the Republic, today is a day of intense elements from the recent history of the people and Church of Cyprus,'' Archbishop Demetrios said.

He expressed gratitude to the Cypriot leading bishops for their courtesy and warm welcome.

Bishop of Kykkou Nikiforos described the visiting Archbishop as ''a personality with wisdom and warm feelings and ideas,'' who manages to associate wisdom with modesty and dignity and to radiate, with his deep theological word, true light while his spirit and peaceful aims have managed to unite the overseas Greeks of America.

Bishop of Kition Chrysostomos described the meeting as very pleasant, noting that ''his experience and wisdom have made us wiser, and his way of working has opened up our spirit, and we thank him.''

A prayer was recited at St. John's Cathedral for Archbishop Demetrios who also toured the quarters where the late Archbishop of Cyprus Makarios lived in.

Speaking after being received by President of the Republic Tassos Papadopoulos, Archbishop Demetrios said it was a very good meeting which has wider interests.

''We talked about what is happening today with the Cyprus problem and how we can all contribute to more positive, speedy and correct solutions,'' he said.

He remarked that during his discussions with Americans, ''we always spoke and will always speak the truth.''

''The truth is that for all matters, either international or local, it is necessary for justice, equal treatment and the freedom of all people to live together and develop to prevail,'' he added.

Asked if there is something new on the Cyprus problem, Archbishop Demetrios said the issue ''has never stopped being in motion,'' noting his church is ''in favour of the principle that we are working based on continuing the policy, we do not cease.''

Archbishop Demetrios will attend an official dinner this evening, hosted in his honour by President Papadopoulos at the Presidential Palace.

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