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Traditional pottery in Cyprus is an ancient art
2006-01-25 12:51:08

The art of pottery-making was developed in Cyprus since prehistoric times.

It was one of the most creative fields of ancient Cypriot art with potters of the time leaving us with a heritage of significant work which are the envy of even the best modern artists of this kind.

The revealing of pottery during excavations from ancient times is the primary means through which we are assisted in indicating the periods of human mental development and progress.

The fame of the pottery and pitharia (jars) of old Cyprus reached Europe as early as 1934. As Gloria London quotes in her book “Traditional Pottery of Cyprus” one traveler of that period wrote that “sweet wine was kept in big pitharia because they did not have any cracks in them.”

Elsewhere in the same book, Ms London says that Giovani Mariti, an Italian priest, traveled to Cyprus in 1772 to learn the technique of pithari-making and storing of wine.

During the medieval period pottery flourished in Cyprus. Glazed pots were created not only for the local market but also for the neighboring countries of the Middle East.

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